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Funeral Home Cremations Citrus Heights CA

A Family Affair: Funeral Home and Cremations in Citrus Heights, CA

Price Funeral Chapel has been committed to helping families for 60 years. We have the right price and understanding for you. You can get cremated or buried, whichever fits your needs best. In Citrus Heights, CA, Price Funeral Chapel offers a wide range of funeral services.

We will be delighted to assist with the selection of a unique casket for someone on their final journey into eternal. For additional information about our services or to request a quote, please call (916) 725-2109. We're here to help you with your problems.

The Price family has been providing services for funeral home and cremations in Citrus Heights, CA, and surrounding areas for 60 years. We have built a trusted organization to support our community in the most challenging times with a strong family legacy and commitment to stay in the operational details. Since we also live and work in the area, we feel a deep connection to our patrons. We treat everyone like family. We feel grateful for the chance to have our family serve yours.

Our directors can support services for any area cemetery, and we are familiar with the rules and regulations at those varying establishments. You benefit from having our experience in planning down to the littlest personalizing customizations. This is one area you don’t want to work with an inexperienced provider. There is not an opportunity to redo final arrangements. Having professional and compassionate funerary experts can go a long way in creating a beautiful goodbye ceremony that you can be proud of and feel satisfied.

Exploring Options Surrounding Funeral Home and Cremations in Citrus Heights, CA

Choosing which services to plan as you lay your loved one to rest is not necessarily an easy task. However, our transparent general price list is an excellent place to see what services are available and what they will cost. There is no correct way to make final arrangements. It is essential to make plans that work for your budget and meet the needs of your family.

Funeral services are relatively common and serve the needs of people from all walks of life. This is because the events can be customized to your unique circumstances. Some funeral services are large, and others are small. Some hold to a very traditional format and other times much less so. One of the main things that makes a funeral different from other service styles is that the body of the departed individual will be at the services. This necessitates a timeline that completes the services soon after the death, often within days or a couple of weeks at most.

With minimal, basic, and complete service levels for funeral packages, we are pleased to offer just what you need. Funeral services can include a funeral wake. Also available is a graveside committal at the time of interment. One widely understood benefit of the funeral service is the provided opportunity for closure and acceptance soon after the death has happened. This tends to help put grieving individuals on a healthy start of their healing path.

Cremation services can be arranged entirely online if preferred. When cremation is to be held without other honoring services, it is called a direct cremation. This works very well for some individuals and families. The process of cremation is the means by which the deceased remains are transitioned into ashes. This is done by placing the body in a heat-proof chamber until the contents are consumed within. The remaining bone fragments and pieces are then processed further to a ground texture.

Services for cremation could be combined with other honoring services if desired. In fact, funeral home and cremations in Citrus Heights, CA, can be processed for the same individual as long as the funeral is held first. A full-scale funeral with embalming and viewing can occur before the cremation takes place. A casket can be rented if this option is chosen.

Planning For Future Needs Is a Loving Gift

There is no requirement to wait until someone has died to make final arrangements official. In some cases, a terminal diagnosis has been spoken, and an approximate death date is understood to be coming. Working with the online pre-planning forms can be helpful to those who are facing this situation. Of course, families and individuals can also make an appointment for a consultation with our in-house pre-planning experts.

The benefits of having a prearranged plan are many. Even if a death is not very surprising, it is keenly felt. During this vulnerable time, the nearest relatives will appreciate any alleviation of the decision-making related to final arrangements. Stress can be further reduced if prepayment of services has also been arranged. It can be a significant cost saving in some cases since the prices paid may be far less than the prices charged in the future.

Work With Us

Making final arrangements for funeral home and cremations in Citrus Heights, CA, is not easy. However, retaining the services of a professional and competent provider will be a great support through the tender time of saying goodbye and laying your loved one to rest. If you are considering making pre-needed arrangements, they can help you get your affairs in order. Stop in to see us at Price Funeral Chapel to learn more. We are located for your convenience at 6335 Sunrise Blvd, Citrus Heights, CA 95610.

Citrus Heights, CA Funeral Home And Cremations

Funeral Home & Cremations FAQs

What is the purpose of funeral pre-planning?

Funeral pre-planning allows your loved ones to focus on grieving rather than arranging funeral preparations if you pass away. When it comes to last preparations, funeral planning provides comfort and ease, which are frequently ignored.

Are all veterans entitled to veteran’s funeral?

Military veterans are often eligible for military funeral honors, which can be obtained at no cost. They also have the option of memorial items including headstones and markers to commemorate their service in life or death.

Do veterans get free headstones?

Did you know that veterans get a free headstone? The U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs provides this benefit to honor those who have served our country and sacrificed an army career for the sake of others as well as their own safety - so it's worth asking whether your loved one would qualify. Learn more about veteran’s headstones.

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