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A Family Funeral Chapel for Funeral and Cremations in Fair Oaks, CA

If you find yourself planning your own funeral, how do you know if it will be adequate or not? Our prices are very competitive and reasonable with our years of experience, we're sure to take care of all the little details. The Price family has been providing quality funeral services to our Fair Oaks, CA neighborhood for nearly 60 years. We also provide a wide range of cremation services.

If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to call the Price Funeral Chapel at (916) 725-2109.

For more than 60 years, the Price family and their talented associates have supported funeral home and cremation services in Fair Oaks, CA, and the surrounding areas. As a locally owned and operated funeral chapel, we are in the day-to-day decisions and details to meet the unique needs of our clients and their families. We try to treat everyone who comes through our doors like they are family to us and with compassion and care.

Because we are not affiliated with any particular cemetery in the area, we can easily support services that are connected to any area cemeteries. Having worked with them all for many decades, we clearly understand the different policies and rules at each location. We can help you find a place that will meet your needs for burial or memorialization. Working with an experienced provider can help you all along the way with details like this. Since we don’t get an opportunity to redo final arrangements, it is vital to work with a trusted provider.

Choosing Which Services You Will Need for Funeral Home and Cremations in Fair Oaks, CA

Preparing the services to pay tribute to and honor your loved one is undoubtedly a heart-wrenching task. Our advisors are ready to gently help you sort through the available options and find the perfect match for your situation. Our transparent pricing and no-pressure guidance will be a big help in settling on a plan.

Funeral services are often the perfect vehicle for an honoring celebration that can be adapted to many unique needs. Services can be traditional with strong religious appeal for those who want to incorporate certain faith traditions. Funerals can also be very modern and customized to the lifestyle that makes sense for the deceased and their family. Saying goodbye to your loved one in the format of a funeral event can be very cathartic and healing.

From minimum to complete levels of funeral service options, we are sure to help you find something that works for your budget and your emotional needs. Full funerals may include a visitation or funeral wake to allow public viewing and mingling with family and close friends. This time to offer love and sympathies is treasured by many of our patrons. The actual funeral service gives space to honor, remember, and invite closure around this particular life. After the funeral, a procession may accompany the body to the burial site or the crematorium as applicable.

For preparing the body for the final resting place, cremation services could be arranged. Cremations are an honorable and respectful service that cares for the deceased through a controlled burning of the body at scorching temperatures. After a cooling period, the remaining pieces of bones are collected. As needed, the bone pieces are ground into a uniform consistency called cremains or ashes. These processed remains now pose no health hazards and can be laid to rest in various ways.

It is definitely possible to hold a funeral home and cremations in Fair Oaks, CA, for the same deceased person. For this style of a service package, the funeral is held first. If a public viewing is to be part of the funeral services, the body will need to be embalmed. A rented casket, clean and fresh for your use, can be made available. After all funeral services are completed, the body will be taken for cremation services.

Direct cremation, which means cremation services without a public honoring event, can be arranged entirely online if desired. We’ve worked to make this as smooth as possible if meeting with our advisors seems too overwhelming. Please don’t hesitate to call if we can be of assistance in this process.

Pre-Need Planning Brings Peace of Mind

Some things may not be fun to think about but can offer peace of mind once decisions are made. Pre-need planning for death care services is an example of this. Many people think of these planning arrangements as a legal will or needed insurance plans. However, getting your final affairs in order isn’t necessarily something only people of advancing age should do. Pre-planned arrangements for funerary needs can be made for any person, in any level of health.

Sometimes a death is known to be approaching, as is the case with someone who has been diagnosed with a terminal illness. Though it is a very tender topic, many families report that discussing funerary plans has brought relief and peace of mind to all involved. These conversations can take place privately, and recorded decisions can be input through our online forms. If preferred, our professional advisors can also assist in recording these plans.

Help is Here

As you take the next steps in planning for a funeral and cremation in Fair Oaks, CA, the compassionate experts at Price Funeral Chapel can provide invaluable assistance. Come and see us at 6335 Sunrise Blvd, Citrus Heights, CA 95610.

Fair Oaks, CA Funeral Home And Cremations

Funeral Home & Cremations FAQs

How do you get a veteran’s burial flag?

To get a veteran's flag, you must have served in the United States Military. The benefits of getting this type of flag include being able to honor your service and having an American Flag available on holidays such as Memorial Day or Fourth July.

Should I choose traditional burial or cremation?

Many people nowadays choose cremations over traditional burial because it helps save money. Direct cremation is considered least expensive as not only does the service provides cheaper pricing for what you'll need but also avoids costs associated with visitation and funeral services which can be quite high if/when tricked into buying pricey add-ons by any of those unscrupulous undertakers who are out to get their cash from your family's misery. Learn more about funeral and cremation services.

How do you cope after a loved one passes away?

Grieving is a difficult process. It's normal for your environment to darken and become wrapped in grief when someone dear to you dies. However, with the appropriate coping strategies in places, such as physical exercise or writing, we may begin to recover when a loved one has died prematurely.

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