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Funeral Home Cremations Sacramento CA

Expertly Supported, Family-Centered Options for Funeral Home and Cremations in Sacramento, CA

Price Funeral Chapel is a family-run funeral chapel that is committed to providing compassionate and professional service since 1961. We provide you with the highest quality in both burial and cremation services in Sacramento, CA.

The Price family has been expertly supporting and helping families navigate funeral home and cremations in Sacramento, CA, for 60 years now. All the while, we have found fulfillment in offering compassionate care to the members of our community who have suffered loss and need to have their loved one cared for. In addition, because we own and operate the business locally, all decisions about our business practices can be made efficiently and in a timely manner to help our customers have a positive experience.

We’ve spent years working with all surrounding cemetery and memorial park options. We remain unaffiliated with any one establishment, so we can assist you in your services with any burial site you choose. This is an area (among many) where our expertise can save you stress and the headache of navigating specific rules and regulations while trying to keep it all straight. Your director can advocate for you and help you coordinate all of the needs surrounding your loved one's final arrangements.

Funeral Home and Cremations in Sacramento, CA

As challenging as it can feel to create the final arrangements for a loved one, it can be an essential part of starting on a healing path after your loss. Your licensed director will help you understand what services are available and at what cost. As you work with us, we feel confident we can help you find services that will fit well with your needs.

Arranging funeral services is a common solution to honor the deceased. One nice thing about funerals is that there is a great deal of wiggle room in the format to provide a customized and personable experience. The little details can mean so much. Events can be planned for intimate guest lists or for very large groups. Services may be ordered to accommodate for lifestyle and faith traditions that could feel very supportive to you and your grief-stricken loved ones.

In an effort to meet varying needs, we offer a range of funeral packages from minimum to complete service solutions. This allows you to decide how much support you want from us and what price best fits your budget. Full funerals can include a public viewing or visitation meeting held before the funeral service. After the funeral, an escorted funeral procession may travel to the burial site together for a committal service and interment. Some families choose to complete the day with a reception or celebration of life.

Another option that has become increasingly popular is cremation service. Cremation services are a means to care for the deceased through respectful burning of the body. This is done in a secure chamber with many protocols to ensure the identity of the final remains after processing. The remaining fragments of bone are taken after cooling and ground into a grainy texture. This granular substance is what we call cremains or cremated ashes. These are given back to the family to be honored and placed for the memorial as they see fit.

Combining these services for both a funeral home and cremations in Sacramento, CA, can be arranged for the same person. In a situation like this, we offer the best funeral home option first to accommodate the need to have the remains present at the service. These events can even include a public viewing if embalming has been performed. Then, after funeral services are over, the body will be taken for the cremation procedure.

There are instances when planning honoring services may not make sense following the death. If cremation services are wanted to care for the body, they can be ordered without any other attached services. Everything will be handled to the last detail in a legal and ethical manner. If honoring services (such as memorial, ash scattering, or life celebrations) are desired at a later time, they can be arranged down the road.

Give Yourself and Your Family the Gift of Pre-Arranged Funerary Services

Many people have found that taking a little time now to plan for their own future services is not as ominous a task as it might seem. In fact, making plans for putting your final affairs in order is something we tend to think of as prudent and wise. We don’t much question the need for life insurance or legal wills, so you could think of pre-arranging death care services in the same type of way. Families who are fortunate enough to have some of this planning done before it is needed are greatly relieved that the burden of decision-making has been lightened a bit.

Support Yourself Well

When you consider the quality of professional care, attention to details, and modern facilities, The Price Funeral Chapel's costs are very affordable, in fact, cheaper than most funeral homes in the community. Call us today for your funeral services and cremation needs at (916) 725-2109.

Sacramento, CA Funeral Home And Cremations

Funeral Home & Cremations FAQ

How much money does Social Security pay to those who have died?

Social Security pays money to those who have died through insurance. When a person enrolled in Social Security dies, they can be eligible for death payments of up to $255 per month or more if they were receiving disability and unemployment benefits as well. Learn more about social security benefits.

What characteristics should I look for when choosing a funeral home?

First, make sure the facility is licensed and insured so that your family knows they are in good hands while making arrangements. Next, get recommendations from friends or relatives who have used their services before to help narrow down your search even more. Get to know an experienced funeral home.

When should I contact a funeral home?

You can contact a funeral home as soon as the formal death certificate is issued. Most people are unaware that many directors are accessible for 24-hour assistance, so there is no need to contact them during regular office hours.

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